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The Duke Where and When

A Chronicle of
Duke Ellington's
Working Life and Travels

New information, additional references and corrections related to the Duke Ellington itinerary are welcome.

Please send them to me at

I prefer to work with image files in .jpg or .png formats, and if they are more than 100 kb, it's nice if they're 'optimized' to reduce the file size.

PDF documents are acceptable, but I usually end up converting them to images.

If the clipping is from a page that has the newspaper's name, page number and date reasonably close to the clipping, please include them in the image. I may edit the image a bit to remove unnecessary information, but these details on the clipping provide confirmation of the details contained in the file name (it's easy to make a mistake when naming a file).

If it's not practical to include the tombstone data, it would be nice if you would add it to the image as I have done here:

A standardized file naming system for clipping it easier for me to manage and locate them when needed. I generally use file names based on


If the city name is an essential part of the paper's title, it doesn't need to be repeated in the file name, so a clipping from the Cleveland Plain Dealer can be named


instead of


Some caution is needed because many place names are used in more than one jurisdiction, examples being
  • Portland
  • Portsmouth
  • Vancouver
  • San Antonio
  • London

While it may seem obvious that a newspaper is from a particular city, it isn't always so. There were at least three newspapers named Plaindealer or Plain Dealer. Other very common newspaper names include Advocate, Courier, Examiner, Gazette, Herald, Journal, News, Record, Reporter, Telegraph, Times, etc.

I receive many email messages each day, so please make sure the subject line of your message starts with TDWAW.

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